Sunday, August 5, 2012

I'm stuffed...

If you know me on Facebook you will know that the past two weekends my sweet husband Dave has made Frogmore Stew. If you've never had this, you MUST try it!! It's LOVELY!!! Seriously. Potatoes, corn, kielbasa, shrimp, onions.. shrimp... it's heaven. A quick google search brought me this blog first thing: Seaside Style (which I now think I will subscribe to) it gives a quick recipe for the Stew... which is not really a STEW at all.. I'm thinking of making either corn bread or biscuits next time to dip in the broth... We just cover the kitchen table with newspapers and dig in!!

Now that I'm done rambling about the delights of food.... I'm BACK! LOL I am going to try to at least do a weekly blog post until it gets colder.. then I'll have more time and will blog more often. 

Friday's will now be known as "Gluten Free Friday's" in honor of my dear, dear friend Jilly-Bean!!! She has a wonderful blog you really should check out!!! The Pink Cowgirl   Not only does she do amazing things with food to make it gluten free and beautiful.. she is also a pretty rockin chick!! She does Cowboy Racing and even does Pony Express rides!! We talk to each other on an almost daily basis and I consider her a sister from another mother! :D
So I will share her blog and some of the recipes there on Friday, or find other recipes or GF ideas to share with everyone!

To get up to speed with what I've been doing... hmmm... working at the bead store.. trying to create new pieces here and there.. lately I've been making the popular wrap bracelet a lot.. they are just so fun to wear!
 This is one of my recent designs, it's a mottled red & white sea glass with copper spacers. The second one is a leopard print bead and grey cat eye. I think it's my second favorite!! My absolute favorite is my tiger eye wrap.. tiger eye is my favorite stone... I call it my soul stone! I just can't see a piece without wanting to touch it and hold it and feel the warmth of the stone!! I'm obsessed!! LOL

And I also have been doing a bit of chain maille.. this is the Dragon Scale weave.. NOT For beginners! LOL Unless you are like me and get completely OCD about fine, fiddly weaving with tiny little jump rings! I simply LOVE the way it looks and feels though. I have worn it almost every day since I finished it!

I've also been running and have ran two 5ks so far this summer. I'm really enjoying it!!! My first was back in June, then we did one in July and I ran a better time! Yay! We have two scheduled this month, on the 18th we are doing our first Trail Run 5k.. which promises to be interesting to say the least! We hiked the trail today and it was a bit more rugged than I expected... I'll keep ya posted on how that goes! Then on the 26th we are doing the Race to the Rock at Chimney Rock State Park. I'm just looking to finish this one respectably.. it's uphill ... again, it should be interesting!

I find that I'm becoming quite addicted to running.. I never thought I would enjoy it so much! I know I have my husband and my two besty's: Jill & Melissa to thank for motivating me! And of course, my sister! She will call me every morning and tell me to go run, even if she doesn't join me!! :) :)  Sometimes I listen.. sometimes I turn the phone off ;) lol

Well that's my little update for now... I'll be back soon with more creations and running stories!! 

Say hello and goodbye to my pups!! Here they are all loaded up and ready to go hiking today! They LOVE it as much as I do!!

Happy Trails!!


  1. Oh, frogmore stew looks delish!

  2. Oh it's delightful!! And I believe Jill says it's Gluten Free too!!

  3. Oooooooh first off, let me say FOR YUM!!!!!!!! I NEED to make that Frogmore stew. It looks so incredibley amazing :D Second, I just LOVE you girly! Your so darned sweet. I am so excited for Gluten Free Fridays :D Yippee!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It is totally FOR YUM!! :D We finished it off tonight.. sooooooo yummy!!!!
      I love you tooooooo!!!! YOU are so darned sweet!! LOL Seriously.. you inspire me in so many ways! I'm honored to call you friend!!!
      except now I gotta actually cook a dinner or two during the week to try out some GF recipes! hahahah ;P